Tuesday, March 2

My poor girlie...

 So last night was a not-so-great night. :-( Several months ago we noticed that Chloe was really fussy and spit-uppy after I ate an egg sandwich one night and then an omelete the next, so I've been avoiding anything that was mainly egg. Except for last night. I was dumb and made custard and ate some of it. Six hours later = fussiness, crying, congestion, coughing, and projectile vomiting. Ugh. We felt so bad for her!
So now I can hardly wait for her next Pediatrician visit so that I can hammer him with questions. I feel so blessed to have great doctors for her, and especially that one of her primary doctor's specialties is allergies! He was out on a family emergency last time I took her in, so I'm hoping that has been resolved and he is back! I am just so lost when it comes to knowing what to do. But would love some answers. :-/ We already knew that we would have to be careful with strawberries and tomatoes, because I often get hives pretty badly when I eat those, but I've had adrenal issues and hives off and on (and awfully persistant the last 6 or so weeks) so I'm beginning to wonder if I have other sensitivities, too, that I need to watch out for in her???? I have no clue how to even find out! So, yes. I'm quite looking forward to that appt. on April 1st. 
Thankfully Chloe seems to be doing better now. But if you could pray for our little girlie, I'd appreciate it!

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