Thursday, January 14

So maybe we aren't moving after all... :-)

So, we were planning on moving this Saturday, and had a stack of packed boxes when we found out we might not be moving after all! Oh well. :-) I guess our neighbor hasn't been paying rent, so they may have been evicted, but we don't know yet and are just kind of waiting until we find out for sure either way. The joys of apartment living. :-)
I have several ideas that I want to do or learn how to do this coming year, one of them being decorating the apartment. First we held off because we were going to get a house. Then we discovered the cost of housing in this area and decided to hold off - should have known by the cost of apartments. Ouch. But then we held off because we didn't know about the layoffs, how long we'd be in the area, etc. So basically it has been over a year and we still have yet to get a sofa or a dresser. Which has been fine. We watch movies in bed, sit on the floor - sheesh, we still have people over (even had non-family stay for almost a week), your home doesn't have to be perfect or spacious to be open to people! :-) But we have decided to go ahead and let me have some fun.... and I'm SUPER excited. :-)
So for kicks, I'll post pics every now and then of what we are up to, and let you see how it is coming and how zany I might be sometimes. PLEASE offer ideas if you have them, as I'm having a hard time discovering decorating ideas for an apartment our size in styles I like. It definitely isn't tiny - it is a bit over 500 sq. feet (even though one day I was crying away feeling like a gerbil in a pricey ball), but you just can't fit in everything like you could in a regular house. I'm also trying to do it for as cheaply as I can... we'll see how that goes! Hehe. :-) But I've been having a blast looking at decorating blogs, and really want to go for a cottage feel, which will be so fun... I'm itching to begin. :-) So, it will happen as I have extra funds (and we have weekends free where Dwight and car can take me out!), but hopefully it won't take forever. Dwight has been awesome as I've mentioned things I'd like to do, and we know we want:
*Minimal clutter
*Minimal knick-knacks
*Chloe friendly
*Very livable
*Budget friendly
*Cottage feel
*Not overly girly. Not frilly.
*Using what we already have as much as possible

*Staying within limits of apt. guidelines

Idears? (photos from 1: The Lettered Cottage 2: Country Living 3: The Old Painted Cottage)

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